Tapping the Groundswell With Twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platform of this time. Essentially, Twitter is a type of a social media site where your are able to interact with others and keep up with news, with the people that you “follow”. Communicating via Twitter is called “tweeting” where you are able to share thoughts and news to the public. Another important aspect of Twitter is the “hashtagging”, this has it benefits if you are needing to search for something throughout the site. I, myself have started my own Twitter account recently and started following and interacting with the industries that I am most interested in. My twitter account is @MervatKarout, so follow me on Twitter!!

Chapter 10 of the Groundswell (2011) is called Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter. As this chapter continues to explains the variety of uses for Twitter it also explains Twitter as “now at the centre of a whole ecosystem of interactions” (Li & Bernoff, 2011). This social media platform is now used by everyone that you can possibly think of, that want to get the word spread around, LITERALLY. This includes for personal use, activist groups, businesses, corporations, celebrities and much more.

Twitter now serves plenty of objectives. A business that uses Twitter should listen, talk, energize, support, embrace with Twitter just like what they should do with Groundswell. This is how a business can benefit and grow, by talking to their people, listening to their people, embracing what their people want, energizing and supporting their customers. Twitter is a well-known website and there are linkages and advertising for Twitter on almost 80% of websites. In the Groundswell (2011), a chart of the technographic profile, it shows statistics that people who continuously tweet are highly socially active. Even if they are just reading the tweets!!

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Twitter is an excellent source to speak your mind and can motivate you to connect with any employer or industry you choose to work for. On my Twitter account I have followed the Government of Alberta page especially some of the people that are in the upper management. This allows me to get noticed and stay up to date with any news regarding the company, there also post news on job opportunities!! I will personally stay connected with Twitter for more of a business use because of the benefits of interacting with people that I want to be noticed by. I highly recommend that if you are searching for a job or still a student, if you haven’t created one, get on it and start TWEETING!!


Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies. (expanded and revised edition). Boston: Harvard Business Review School Press.

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