Connecting With The Groundswell to Transform Your Company.

In previous posts I talked about the recent chapters of the Groundswell book (2011). We have seen how social media can give us plenty of advantages and opportunities, what a technographic profile is, and the importance of listening to customers with the use of social networking. Now, we shift into a different view of the book; which is how to fully connect with the Groundswell to transform your company. Chapter 11 of the book looks into great detail of how organizations can accomplish three important elements to transform to work with their customers. We will be taking a look at how to accomplish these elements and how to stay prepared for the transformation.

First, we will take a look into the three important elements on how companies will work with their customers. The first element is to take small steps that have big impact. The book explains that having marketing goals leads to evidence of a success. This means having more involvement in campaigns and advertising. It is also recommended to use the Groundswell thinking and apply it to any business situations and problem solving. The second element is to have a vision and a plan. This means that you should have a vision of what you propose as a company and then create a long term outlook of your vision and plan out how you would like to see your customers years from now. The third element states that we should build leaders into the plan. This means that include others a voice in the company. Such as having a leader to go all the way to embrace emerging media of the company and give the consumer a voice in the brand (Li & Bernoff, 2011).

Second, is how to keep prepared for the transformation. First, the groundswell talks about starting small  and change within the company will take time. Second is educating your executives, such as starting an internal blog, creating a social network, or collaborating with another department. This will show the benefits and advantages of the company to others. Third is to get the right people to run your strategy, such as picking a person that is most passionate about the company and starting a relationship with your customers. Fourth, is getting your agency and technology partners in tact and have them to take the time to know Groundswell. Lastly, is to plan for the next step and for the future. This will allow you to have an idea to where your company will be heading in the future. In this chapter we had the ability to take a look at the social strategy and how companies can work the customers.

(Li & Bernoff, 2011)



Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies. (expanded and revised edition). Boston: Harvard Business Review School Press.

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