The Opportunities of Social Media

Social media has been growing for years now and since 2008 studies have shown that more users are now joining social network websites. I read an article called “Users of the World Unite! The Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media” by Andreas M. Kaplan and Michael Haenlein (2008) that states employers and decision makers are now using social media as a guideline to promote, create and establish careers. Blogging is the earliest form of social media ( Kaplan & Haenlein, 2008). The article also states that social media has plenty of opportunities for businesses such as collaborative projects, blogging, content communities, social networking sites and virtual games and social worlds. For a business to gain an advantage through social media, each company needs to comply with the five points about using social media and five points about being social. The main points on using social media are choosing the content carefully, picking an application, ensure activity alignment, media plan integration and access for all individuals. The five points on being social that a business needs to take into consideration are to be active, stay interesting, be humble, be unprofessional, and be honest. Since today is all about social media, taking these points into consideration while working for or running a business can help keep social media as a guide.

The article gave me great idea’s to how I can keep social media as a tool for help after I graduate from NAIT. The industry that I have always wanted to work for is the financial sector of the government of Alberta. I think working for the government of Alberta has great benefits and is safe during economic downturns. I have a family friend that works for the company and talks really great things about working for them. I have been applying through the website and staying up to date with any new job postings. Using social media helps because a social networking site such as LinkedIn allows me to set up a profile and follow the company so I am able to keep up with company news and network with employees that work within the government.

The article gave me some advice in regards to watch what I post because I have to keep track of the content posted because it is public so anyone can see it including the employers themselves. Another great idea I learned from the article is to stay active. Staying active and keeping up to date with a company gives you more knowledge and shows that you really want to work for them. Social media gives me a great opportunity in getting a job with a company that I want. I just need to put effort in what I post and as well watch what I post.


Haenlein, M., & Kaplan, A.M. (2010). Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media. Business Horizons (53) 59-68.

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